Im Mary. Originally from Dublin Ireland and now a Chicago based maker with a passion for furniture and interiors. With a background in graphic design and forever curious - furniture, interior design, materials, and pixels all make me very happy. Firebird Furniture was founded as an online design & furniture warehouse in Northbrook IL in 2020 and we made it our mission to source beautiful furnishings and decor for the design obsessed

Objects and  finely handcrafted vintage furnishings that represent a previous era are often discarded because of cosmetic flaws or chaniging aesthetic tastes or fashions. It follows that an increase in waste and landfill is the result.  Creativity comes out of the necessity to solve problems and I believe that reinventing, customizing, and refurbishing stagnant goods is part of designing out waste and pollution, promoting product life extension, while keeping products and precious resources in use for longer. Sometimes it can be as simple as adding a touch of paint, slicing a piece of acrylic sheet, or it might be casting a new shape in resin but we see each piece having an interesting history to reveal. and an exciting opportunity for renewal.

“Experiments can lead to beautiful things”

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